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[Many, but not all, of the entries below were originally included on the now-extinct Newfoundland and Labrador Stewardship Centre website.]

Downhome [formerly The Downhomer]:

Rare Plants on Reserve: Burnt Cape declared a protected ecological site. The Downhomer. August 2002. Pp. 63-65. Janice Stuckless.

Forest Watch:

Limestone barrens: a landscape under stress. Forest Watch: newsletter of the Western NL Model Forest. Summer 2004. P. 9. [PDF file]

Survival, adaptation, and fragility: Limestone Barrens Project raises awareness of valuable rare species. Forest Watch: newsletter of the Western NL Model Forest. Fall 2004. GO TO: pages 12-13. Dulcie House. [PDF file]

National Post:

Save-the-trees project kills rare plant by the hundreds. National Post. July 12, 2001. Jon Bricker. [HTML file]

Northern Pen (Clippings used by permission):

For a group of students on the Northern Peninsula it's more than a summer job. Northern Pen, St. Anthony, NL, n.d. [PDF file]

Raleigh residents protest quarrying: 'They can move the cape to St.Anthony and we don't get any benefit from it'. Northern Pen. July 4, 1995. T. Roberts.

Rocks thrown, windshield smashed in confrontation over quarry near Raleigh. Northern Pen, St. Anthony, NL, August 8, 1995. T. Roberts.

Rare plants in Straits area need protection. Northern Pen. July 16, 2001. P. 13. Allan Bock. [PDF file]

We can do better. Northern Pen. July 16, 2001. [PDF file]

Aiming to inform public about rare plants on peninsula. Northern Pen. July 23, 2001. P. 12. Andrea Lewandowski.

Teachers learn more about natural, cultural heritage of region. Northern Pen. September 4, 2001. Dulcie House. [PDF file]

Discussing limestone barrens. Northern Pen. 2001. [PDF file]

Young people getting message on peninsula's rare plants. Northern Pen. 2001. Beverly Reardon. [PDF file]

No wood cutting in Doctor's Brook Area. Northern Pen. March 11, 2002. Beverly Reardon. [PDF file]

Area residents seeking access to Point Riche barrens. Northern Pen. March 18, 2002. P. 15. Beverley Reardon. [PDF file]

Signing stewardship agreement: Straits Elementary students plan to protect limestone barrens habitat. Northern Pen. July 2, 2002. [PDF file]

Four Green Teams at work on peninsula. Northern Pen. July 15, 2002. [PDF file]

Hasn't been identified since 1925: Fernald's milk-vetch rediscovered at Barr'd Harbour highlands. Northern Pen. July 22, 2002. P. 3. Natelle Fitzgerald. [PDF file]

Peninsula plants placed on endangered, protected list. Northern Pen. August 19, 2002. [PDF file]

Working with the Green Team: For a group of students on the Northern Peninsula, it's more than a summer job. Northern Pen. August 19, 2002. Natelle Fitzgerald.

Schools awarded funding for ArtsSmarts Program. Northern Pen. September 30, 2002. [PDF file]

Straits Elementary signing stewardship agreement. Northern Pen. October 7, 2002. [PDF file]

Stewards of the barrens: Students at Straits Elementary pledge to preserve rare plants, unique habitat. Northern Pen. October 15, 2002. Natelle Fitzgerald. [PDF file]

Plan adopted to enhance rare plants. Northern Pen. October 15, 2002. [PDF file]

Limestone Barrens. Northern Pen. May 12, 2003. [PDF file]

Peninsula Green Teams teach environmental awareness. Northern Pen. July 21, 2003. [PDF file]

Green Teams plan to 'make a difference'. Northern Pen. July 7, 2003. [PDF file]

Delegation shares information on stewardship at national conference. Northern Pen. August 4, 2003. [PDF file]

Thrombolite trail 'journey into past'. Northern Pen. August 18, 2003. Spencer Osberg. [PDF file]

Burnt Cape Day. Northern Pen. September 2, 2003. [PDF file]

Women's Institute raising awareness for stewardship program: Rare plants, flowers depicted on quilt. Northern Pen. November 17, 2003. Page 10. Spencer Osberg. [PDF file]

Port au Choix student awarded Earth Day scholarship. Northern Pen. April 26, 2004. Spencer Osberg.

Limestone Barrens Project opening June 24 at Corner Brook. Northern Pen. June 2004. [PDF file]

Environmental awards for school, organization. Northern Pen. June 7, 2004. P. 2. Brian Scott. [PDF file]

Green Team planning awareness day on July 10. Northern Pen. July 2004. [PDF file]

Port Saunders Green Team holding special events. Northern Pen. July 26, 2004. [PDF file]

Limestone Barrens a unique landscape. Northern Pen. August 9, 2004. [PDF file]

Working to conserve their environment. Northern Pen. August 9. 2004. [PDF file]

Stewardship topic of meeting. Northern Pen. October 25, 2004. [PDF file]

[Porsild's Bryum] Peninsula plant added to endangered species. Northern Pen. January 10, 2005. [PDF file]

Signs warn public of rare plants. Northern Pen. 2005. [PDF file]

Good Stewards. Northern Pen. 2005. [PDF file]

Beauty on the Barrens. Northern Pen. June 6, 2005. Dulcie House. [PDF file] FULL PAGE IN COLOR!

Trust donates $5,000 for peninsula projects. Northern Pen. September 26, 2005. [PDF file]

Funding for national conference. Northern Pen. November, 28, 2005. [PDF file]

Limestone barrens linking students in Port Saunders, Ontario and Ireland: Artist starts new project at Roncalli High. Northern Pen. 2005? Rick Massie. [PDF file: page 1 of 2 , PDF file: page 2 of 2 ]

Limestone Barrens gaining in popularity. Northern Pen. July 17, 2006. P. 12. Krysta Colbourne. [PDF file]

Limestone Barrens: Fourth year for Green Team project. Northern Pen. 2006. [PDF file]

Calling all dirt bikes to rally. Northern Pen. August 8, 2006. [PDF file]

Fun events planned by Green Team. Northern Pen. July 31, 2006. P. 3. [PDF file]

Port au Choix Green Team to host Miss Limestone Barrens Pageant. Northern Pen. August 14, 2006. [PDF file]

X-treme Impact held on Limestone Barrens. Northern Pen. August 2006. P. 7. [PDF file - Pan to lower left corner of page, and ZOOM IN.]

X-treme Rally hit with youth. Northern Pen. October 10, 2006. P. 5. [PDF file]

Profiling species at risk. Northern Pen. October 23, 2006. P. 8. [PDF file]

Ecotourism conference planned for Plum Point. Northern Pen. October 2, 2006. [PDF file]

Protect and profit: Ideas, concepts on limestone barrens shared at first sustainable ecotourism conference. Northern Pen. October 23, 2006. [PDF file]

Preserving special habitat involves students, artists, conservationists: Limestone barrens 'teeming with life'. Northern Pen. 2006. [PDF file]

Plan unveiled to protect rare moss. Northern Pen. January 2, 2007. P. 2. [PDF file]

Memories of Straits Elementary. Northern Pen. July 26, 2010.

Bringing people to the barrens. Northern Pen. November 22, 2010.

Saving Long's Braya. Northern Pen. July 30, 2012. Luke Arbuckle.

Telegram, [The]:

Rare flowers on Northern Pen. The Telegram. April 17, 2000. Tracy Barron. [HTML file]

Newest reserve protects rare plant at Sandy Cove. The Telegram. May 30, 2007.

Western Star (Clippings used by permission):

Agreements signed to protect rare plants, unique habitat. Western Star. October 11, 2002. Corey Hurley. [PDF file]

Environmental, volunteer work nets Roncalli student scholarship. Western Star. April 22, 2004. Gary Kean. [PDF file]

Diversity, special plants make limestone barrens special. Western Star. Cliff Wells. April 13, 2007. [PDF file]

Port au Choix environmental team finishing work. Western Star. August 29, 2008.

Biologists say limestone barrens need to be protected. Western Star. April 15, 2009.

Nine more vegetative species now protected under provincial legislation. Western Star. September 27, 2013. Gary Kean.

Where It's At:

Check out the rare wildflowers along the peninsula. Where It's At. 1998. p. 12. [PDF file]

Rare plants, wildflowers thrive in the North. Where It's At. 2000. P. 17. [PDF file]

Naturalists will love Burnt Cape Ecological Reserve. Where It's At. 2000. P. 35. [PDF file]

Burnt Cape a special place for nature lovers. Where It's At. 2002. P. 30. [PDF file]

Peninsula home to a variety of rare plants. Where It's At. 2002. P. 47. [PDF file]

Nature lovers looking for rare plants. Where It's At. 2003. P. 21 [PDF file]

Burnt Cape a special place. Where It's At. 2003. P. 40. [PDF file]

Area residents becoming stewards of fragile habitat. Where It's At. 2003. P. 48. [PDF file]

Rare plants luring visitors to area. Where It's At. 2004. [PDF file]

Burnt Cape a place of natural beauty. Where It's At. 2004. [PDF file]

Stewardship starts at an early age. Where It's At. 2004. [PDF file]

Peninsula a 'hot spot' for rare plants. Where It's At. 2005. P. 47. [PDF file]

Captivated by the Cape. Where It's At. 2005. P. 48. [PDF file]

Stewardship: An emphasis on preserving, protecting. Where It's At. 2005. P. 56. [PDF file]

Beauty on the Barrens. Where It's At. 2006. P. 35. [PDF file]

Rare plants abound on Burnt Cape. Where It's At. 2006. P. 47. [PDF file]



Nature Conservancy of Canada - Working to Conserve 2. Burnt Cape, Newfoundland and Labrador. [You Tube file]


Luise Hermanutz & Wilf Nicholls. 2005/2006. Biodiversity and Sustainable Ecotourism: Inspiring rural communities to use and protect our natural heritage. Hermanutz and Nicholls developed and produced a CD and colour field guide to the Limestone Barrens on the Northern Peninsula to educate tourism operators on the importance of the rare plants in the region and the relevant legislation.

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