Limestone Barrens



Taking Responsibility

Signs have been posted at certain sites to inform people of the presence of rare plants and to illustrate the negative impact that human activity can sometimes have on the habitat.

This is also why parts of the barrens have been partitioned, with the intent of keeping barrens habitat and plants safe from outside interference and protected by law. Such is the case in areas like Port au Choix National Historic Site and Burnt Cape Ecological Reserve.

Also, the commitment of groups and individuals to the preservation of the barrens not only protects the barrens, but can also send a message to others that the barrens are unique and worth the time, work and care it takes to preserve them.

This was the case on October 9th, 2002 when the students of Straits Elementary School, the town of Flower's Cove, and Ren and Madeline White (local landowners) took part in the signing of agreements ensuring that they would do what it takes to protect the barrens and the plants that live on them. It was highly publicized and sent a positive message to the people of the Flower's Cove area, as well as many others on the Northern Peninsula.

It is important that the people know that what they (we) have sometimes as close as their back yards can be as special as rainforests thousands of kilometers away..


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