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Education is one of the most important responsibilities we have as stewards of the limestone barrens ecosystem.

In order to protect this unique natural wonder, we must know and be able to teach others about its characteristics. With an understanding of the barrens, interest in their protection increases. When people learn about what it is that they have been overlooking as they live on, work on or visit the barrens, they become more interested in preserving them.

With this in mind, the Limestone Barrens Habitat Stewardship Program developed school programs and field trips to teach younger generations the value of natural diversity and adaptation. It played an active role in the education of not only school-aged residents of the Great Northern Peninsula but adults as well. With the greater understanding and cooperation of local residents as well as outside visitors, support for the protection of rare plant species and vulnerable ecosystems increases.

Field Trip to Port au Choix.

On October 9th, 2002 it was a great pleasure for the Limestone Barrens Habitat Stewardship Program to facilitate the signing of three stewardship agreements with residents of the Flower's Cove area and the students of Straits Elementary. With these agreements comes the responsibility to learn about and protect the Limestone Barrens habitat. It is a great step towards our goals. Approximately three hundred people attended the signing ceremony and it was covered in the Northern Pen as well as on CBC Radio, spreading our message to a much larger audience than ever before, a great step forward in educating the public about our cause.

Stewardship Signing. October 9th, 2002.

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